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University of Oxford Innovative Systems Biology Project

Sponsored by Tsumura.

Laboratory Group photo at Oxford

Toshiaki William Tasaki — Penny Noble — Kazuyo Maria Tasaki — Denis Noble


Left: Cutaneous microcirculation set-up

Middle: Toshiaki Tasaki, Shelley Roberts, Christopher Johnson, Denis Noble, Kazuyo Tasaki

Right: Study Room in Professor Joyner’s lab at the Mayo Clinic

Investigators and Collaborators

Co-Principal Investigators in Oxford Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics: Richard Boyd, Denis Noble, Kazuyo Tasaki

Heads of collaborating laboratories: Professor Michael Joyner (Mayo Clinic, USA), Professor Anant Parekh (Oxford Physiology), Professor Derek Terrar (Oxford Pharmacology), Professor Richard Boyd (Oxford Physiology)

Collaborating researchers: Dr Cynthia Sam (Oxford), Dr Paul Shorten (New Zealand), Dr Alan Garny (France & New Zealand), Nima Afshar (New Zealand), Dr Sushant Ranadive (Mayo Clinic, USA), Research Nurse Shelley Roberts (Mayo Clinic, USA), Dr Andy Eugene (Mayo Clinic, USA), Gabrielle Dillon (Mayo Clinic, USA), Christopher Johnson (Mayo Clinic, USA), Penny Noble (Oxford).

Advisory Committee: Professor Yoshihisa Kurachi (Pharmacology, Osaka University), Professor David Paterson (Physiology, Oxford University), Professor Antony Galione (Pharmacology, Oxford University), Professor Trevor Powell (Pharmacology, Oxford University)

Acknowledgement. This project was funded by TSUMURA & CO, Tokyo, between 2013 and 2018