Selected Lectures and Debates

Lecture on Physiology and Evolution given at an international Congress in Suzhou, China, in 2012. This was the first videoed lecture at which Denis Noble outlined his reasons and evidence for dissenting from the neo-Darwinist Modern Synthesis. The lecture was then published as an article. The recording of the lecture has also appeared on many other websites and may now have been viewed about 100,000 times.

Lecture given at The Physiological Society in London in November 2016 on the publication of Dance to the Tune of Life. That is the main title of the lecture. The subtitle is “A physiologist enters the lions’ den of evolutionary biology.”

The lecture is similar to that delivered to The Royal Society earlier in November at the discussion meeting on New Trends in Evolutionary Biology. The ending of the lecture answers some of the on-line critics, some of who tried to stop the Royal Society meeting.

Lecture on The Music of Life given to a general audience in 2012. Stories from The Music of Life are accompanied by background music. The lecture was delivered at an OUT OF THE BOX conference in Maribor, Slovenia, and is typical of many general audience presentations on the book. The conference ended with an open session with HH The Dalai Lama

The scene is Oxford 2009. The university had appointed a controversial scientist as its Eastman Visiting Professor. Lynn Margulis was the champion of a form of evolutionary change that is revolutionary in its impact. As soon as she arrived in Oxford she challenged Richard Dawkins to a debate, and asked Denis Noble to chair it. She also recruited two leading biological scientists to join the debate. It was all recorded by Voices from Oxford. This video is the first part of the debate. Two further parts are linked here: Part 2, part 3.