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Did you know that Denis Noble has published more than 50 books and articles on evolutionary biology since retiring from his Cardiovascular Physiology Chair at Oxford in 2004?

Why this sudden outpouring of publications in a field apparently so different from the one to which he was originally appointed at Oxford? The answer is that the ideas and evidence were building up well before 2004. In fact ever since his research team found that the pacemaker process in the heart is extremely robust and can continue even when a key protein (or its gene) is disabled.

Moreover, he chaired the first debate in Oxford on The Selfish Gene when it was first published in 1976. The reason he did not go public before 2004 is that he carried the responsibility of funding his research team. To challenge the central tenets of gene-centric biology before retirement would have been too risky. 2004 was the year of freedom.

All the articles and books on evolutionary biology, together with embedded links to their publication details can be accessed here or via the button on the left. The file is updated from time to time. The publications are arranged in order of their citation scores, beginning with The Music of Life with a citation score approaching 1500.