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Physiological Scientific Autobiography

This covers Denis Noble’s 60 year journey, from his first mathematical model of the heart based on his early 1960 identification of potassium channels in the heart, through to multi-level systems approach to biology. The first part is a 150 page autobiography of the journey up to 2012. The second is key publications in the journey.

The subtitle — A Journey in Physiology towards Enlightenment — is a deliberate echo of the Buddhist concept of a life journey: the developing wisdom to know what one does not know, the admission of error, the understanding of life as a process, always changing. Enlightenment is never complete, of course, since it is itself a process, an approach to a goal, perhaps an interpretation of nirvana. This attitude is strongly reflected in the last chapter of  Dance to the Tune of Life: The Relativity  of Epistemology. The story ends in 2012, and includes a chapter on The Music of Life, but it does not cover more recent work on evolutionary biology. That is the subject of a second autobiography in preparation: Evolution Revolution: Eyewitness account of the Battle for the Soul of Biology.

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Electric Current Flow in Excitable Cells

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The Initiation of the Heartbeat

Sodium-Calcium Exchange

The Logic of Life

The Ethics of Life

Goals, No Goals & Own Goals

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Electrophysiology of Single Cardiac Cells

Ion channels and Taurine

Exosomes, a Clinical Compendium