“Over time the organism partly determines what happens to the genome”


Colin Mayer’s interview with Denis Noble was 12 years ago. Despite the revolutionary nature of the replies on whether organisms control their genomes, and on the profound implications for business studies and economics, all the points made have been confirmed by subsequent research. Furthermore, 14 years after the publication of The Music of Life, and 4 years after publication of Dance to the Tune of Life, there has been no seriously researched reply to either of those books. Meanwhile the practical applications are now bearing fruit in fields as wide apart as Cancer and Business Studies & Economics. True to the spirit of the interview, both of these applications are interdisciplinary. In the case of cancer, the other leading researchers are on https://cancerevolution.org/   The applications in business and economics involved a cooperation between Denis Noble and Colin Mayer, together with David Vines (Economics at Balliol College) and Yunhee Lee, of Macoll Consulting, Korea.

Denis Noble is one of the leaders of a large group of researchers challenging Neo-Darwinism.

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