Denis Noble, CBE, FRS, is Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology at the University of Oxford. He was Chairman of the IUPS (International Union of Physiological Sciences) World Congress in 1993, Secretary-General of IUPS from 1993-2001 and is now (2009 to 2017) President of IUPS. His previous publications include the seminal set of essays The Logic of Life (Boyd and Noble, OUP 1993), and he played a major role in launching the Physiome Project, one of the international components of the systems biology approach. Science magazine included him amongst its review authors for its issue devoted to the subject in 2002. For further biographical information see Denis Noble on Wikipedia.

The Biology of the 21st Century: Interview at theUniversity of Warwick“Professor Denis Noble, who was a pioneer in the field of systems biology building the first working mathematical model of the heart and has been given an honorary degree at Warwick, talks about how the future study of biology will change in the 21st Century” (Recorded 14 July 2008)

Denis Noble on Oxford University website

The Heart of Denis Noble: award-winning short story by the award-winning novelist Alison MacLeod (note that this story is part fiction, part biographical)